We are in the Colombian market since 1987, delivering process solutions, providing technical advice and marketing products for  Plastic and Textile sectors.

We cover the international market exporting to Central and South America more than 20 years.

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Sectors served

We are recognized masterbatch manufacturers (color concentrates) for the plastics industry, also colors of line and specials, different base polymers and different processes for thermoplastics transformation. 

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We supply high technology auxiliary chemicals, dyes and optical brighteners for the processes of preparation, dyeing and conventional, functional and special finishes required by the textile and laundry industries. 

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Corporate Social Reponsability

We comply with local and international regulations aimed at environmental and social protection.

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Sumicolor's Offices and Factory:

     Carrera 50 GG N° 10B Sur 61
     Postcode (ZIP code) 050023
     PBX: (57 -4) 285 37 55
     Fax: (57 -4) 285 72 28
     A.A. 066563

     Carrera 69 N° 25B - 44
     World Business Port Building
     Office: 807
     Postcode (ZIP code) 110931
     PBX: (57 -1) 416 55 43
     Fax: (57 -1) 416 55 82